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Join Indico’s CEO Tom Wilde & CTO Slater Victoroff on Thursday, February 7th from 1PM - 2PM EST.

The promise of what AI can do for organizations has been at a fever pitch over the past few years. Continued improvements promise to produce autonomous machines that will learn, decide and act on their own. All of these advancements provide enterprises with an enormous opportunity to improve operational efficiency and drive profitable growth.

However, enterprise adoption has been limited due in part to the inability of the algorithms to explain their actions. Machine learning models can be non-intuitive and difficult for people to understand, which leaves many feeling unsure about what their AI is actually doing, and in highly regulated industries such as financial services, regulators are increasingly requiring full explainability and auditability into the actions of AI-based processes.  

Join this webinar to learn how Indico can help you solve the challenges of explainable AI and make your bots more transparent.