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Have your automation initiatives failed to deliver the ROI you had hoped for?  Are you frustrated trying to address unstructured content as part of your overall process automation efforts?

Unstructured content makes up over 85% of enterprise content, yet less than 2% is currently leveraged with existing analytics or automation technologies.  Critical processes from the front office to the back office rely on documents, forms, emails and text to drive the business. Traditional legacy approaches using rule engines, regular expressions, and OCR templating are too brittle and expensive, and can't handle highly variable unstructured content that makes up most of these workflows.  

Download the Everest Group Whitepaper: Unstructured Data Process Automation 

Learn how Intelligent Process Automation offers organizations the ability to classify, extract and contextually understand information from unstructured text-based data sources and feed the output into downstream applications or other processes, leading to 85% faster process cycle times, a 4X increase in process capacity and the ability to redeploy valuable resources to higher-value activities for the business.