Gartner-pullquote (1)One of the main barriers to the adoption of deep learning is access to sufficient high quality training data. To build Machine Learning models that can take advantage of the benefits of deep learning, organizations need access to millions of labeled data points -  the amount of data that only the likes of Facebook and Google have access to. 

Indico's unique application of Transfer Learning enables organizations to deploy AI to unstructured enterprise content more effectively while eliminating the need for huge training data sets which are out of reach for 99% of organizations.

Indico has achieved this by building a generalized model consisting of over 500 million labeled data points, trained to understand human language and context. This allows users to train their own, custom models with up to 1000x less data than required with other AI and machine learning solutions. 

Read the Gartner report to learn how transfer learning can bootstrap your Machine Learning efforts.


Gartner Boost Your Training Data for Better Machine Learning.

Akif Khan , Alexander Linden , Anthony Mullen, 26 July 2019

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