Indico is the leading provider of intelligent process automation (IPA) solutions. We help organizations turn process into profit by offering a single solution for Document Intake, Understanding and Digitization that effectively addresses structured, semi-structured, and unstructured document formats, enabling them to automate manual, labor-intensive, document-based workflows.

Indico has developed a highly disruptive approach to document understanding that delivers on key enterprise requirements for automating critical business processes:

Empowering Process Owners

Indico IPA delivers an intuitive point and click interface for unstructured content classification and extraction, enabling the subject matter expert to design and deliver custom workflows.

Freedom from Templates & Rules

Indico Transfer Learning enables your process owners to quickly build custom machine learning models with just 200 examples.

Complete Control and Transparency

Award-winning AI Explainability with a point and click dashboard that delivers comprehensive transparency for governance.  

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